Who lends me money?

The washing machine is broken, the checking account is overdrawn or your own car is in dire need of a renovation – there are many reasons for urgently needing money. Of course it is always best to take out no loans – but this is hardly possible. Because many purchases are so urgent that postponing is not possible. In these cases, the simple question is: who lends me money?

Find credit on the Internet: Use particularly favorable conditions

Find credit on the Internet: Use particularly favorable conditions

Who lends me money when I need it urgently?

The first course leads to many people to the house bank – advisable is this actually logical step, however, in most cases not. Because as a customer of your bank, you usually appreciate the personal service when it comes to everyday money transactions. With a installment loan, these services can be expensive, after all, branches and staff have to be financed. A much cheaper alternative is to use direct banks on the Internet. This results in at least two advantages: The banks usually have such favorable cost structures that they can also offer very cheap loans. The processing is done essentially online, important documents are sent by mail. In addition, a transparency is created online, which is impossible to achieve in your bank branch. After all, whether or not a loan is cheap depends, among other things, on the purpose, the duration and the loan amount. Consequently, credit offers can only be assessed in comparison. This necessary credit comparison is easy to do online, because a number of comparison portals are available. In addition, online loans are no longer necessarily at a disadvantage when it comes to the payout period: In so-called instant loans is usually checked within 24 hours, whether a loan approval is possible. As a loan applicant, you can simply provide the necessary information online so that an examination can be carried out quickly. Before it comes to a disbursement of the loan amount, documents that prove, for example, the salary, still checked.

You have these possibilities and should use them:

providers processing miscellaneous
Maxcredit fast processing even on weekends also possible with bad credit rating
Crediter fast processing Specialist for private credit-free loans
oneyor Create your own loan project Loans from private to private

Online installment loans with strict award criteria

This is where possible pitfalls could lurk: For even though loans can be made much cheaper online than most branch banks, they are by no means easier to get. The credit checks that have been conducted relatively restrictively in recent years also apply here: anyone who is still in the probationary period or has only a temporary employment relationship will hardly receive a loan. Furthermore, unemployed people, retirees, students or trainees often find it difficult to borrow money – and it is precisely these people who are so in desperate need of money.

This is how online lending expires:

Step 1 Complete online application about 2 minutes
step 2 Wait for processing about 1 working day (usually much faster)
step 3 Sign and send documents about 1 working day
Step 4 Receive confirmation + record cash on the account about 1 working day

Personal loan possible even with low creditworthiness


Get personal loans conveniently from home over the Internet today.

Here a loan from private could be helpful: In contrast to commercial lenders, the requirements regarding the creditworthiness are less strict. While banks directly exclude certain risk groups with low or uncertain incomes, private credit portals certainly consider individual cases. In principle, this opens up opportunities for both borrowers and lenders: the former can lend much-needed money if most banks are already refusing credit approval. By contrast, lenders, as private investors, receive a higher return than they could currently achieve on the capital market. Since the credit check is less severe, a payout is also possible much faster than is the case with a classic installment loan. Furthermore, so small loans are possible, which bring the borrower a big chunk – but are not offered by the banks. Because with a loan amount of 1,000 euros, the earning potential seems so small that many banks reject it in advance. But for many people this is already an impressive sum. However, it should also be taken into account that a personal loan not only benefits: Private lenders are also aware that most customers of a personal loan have a very low credit rating. Possible losses must therefore be compensated – by particularly high lending rates. This risk premium increases the effective interest rate; the cost of such a loan is therefore higher overall. For this reason, a personal loan should really be used only if other options have been exhausted. Incidentally, regardless of whether it is a private or commercial loan, the intended use should always be stated: In particular, in the case of purchases such as buying a car, the costs can drop considerably because the purchase of a car immediately equates to a corresponding countervalue.