If you need an urgent loan to solve an unforeseen situation, you can request the amount you need and even more, if you wish, to the different private equity companies and lenders that are currently available 24 hours a day via Internet.

However, conventions are not banking entities, the economy in Spain is not what it used to be, since almost 10 years ago the traditional real estate bubble is more prudent when offering loans and credits to its clients.

Now the financing market expanded and was divided into many private equity companies and lenders that offer even better conditions than a traditional banking institution.

Where can I get urgent loan?

Where can I get urgent loan?

 To get your urgent loan all you need is an Internet connection, but if you are not good with computers many companies have their own telephone number with authorized and personalized personnel 24 hours a day.

The web platforms offered by these private equity companies and lenders usually need a little information first from you to make the transaction through a form that is completed on the same web page, usually this process does not take much time.

Once the previous step is completed you will need certain legal documents depending on the amount of money you need, if the amount is of a high amount you may need to take other steps, on the contrary, they will not ask you anything and will proceed to make the transaction.

The documents will be sent by an email provided by the company at the end of the first step, if you do not have a scanner the company also has a number where you can send the documents via whatsapp.

Once all the steps have been taken, the company will send you a message with the message that the transaction is taking place and another when you have the money in your bank account.

Requirements to request urgent loan

Requirements to request urgent loan

The following requirements are those that most private equity companies and lenders have as mandatory to request an urgent loan:

  • Have a DNI or NIE
  • Be of age
  • Have a bank account in Spain
  • Email and phone
  • Some type of monthly income: payroll, pension, among others (This requirement will depend on the situation and the company)

They are very simple and easy to understand requirements so you do not have to worry much.

Is it advisable to request an urgent loan?

The urgent credit is a quick exit for your emergency or unforeseen, and it is a very good alternative for when the banking institutions can not offer you an immediate service.

However, we recommend that if you can get your urgent credit with traditional banking institutions, it is better, since it is much safer and more transparent than many private equity companies and lenders that take advantage of the needs of people at the most important moments. critical.

Also, it is important to mention that not all the web pages that offer an urgent credit service are legal, it is more they could cheat you, so do not give more information than they need.

Therefore, it is better to resort to the most popular and visited Internet companies if you need urgent loan.

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