How much money can I loan from the bank?

How much money you can borrow from the bank depends on several factors. For one thing, how much money you need. In addition, how high the income is and whether there is a regular income. Depending on the amount, the collateral also plays a role.

A regular salary


If you want to get a loan from the bank then a regular income is important. Especially when it comes to a higher amount. From the bank itself you get loans in any amount, it must only be guaranteed that this can also be repaid. You should not go into such high debt that nothing is left alive. If you have an income of 1200 EUR net per month, then you can not repay 500 EUR for a loan. It always comes down to the amount you want to borrow from the bank and the money you have every month available.

A rule of thumb

With a discretionary credit, you should always keep in mind that you stick to a rule of thumb. The loan should not exceed two to three net monthly salaries. However, if we need a loan for a longer period of time, then you are better advised with a installment loan than with a discretionary loan. With a credit line, you should be able to repay the money quickly, otherwise this can be very expensive. There is a kind of penalty interest on a credit line, and this can be up to 15% and more. If you already know the coating in advance, then you should pre-audition for an increase in the credit line at the bank. For the most part, banks are willing to negotiate.

Create the right conditions

If the salary permits, then there is nothing in the way of a credit even in a higher amount. Assuming you also have a positive Schufa, this is also a factor that plays a role in a loan. If the criteria are met then you can expect a quick loan from the bank.